This is why your employees should sign a non-solicitation agreement

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The Superior Court of Pennsylvania recently affirmed a $4.5 million punitive damages award against former employees who breached their non-solicitation agreements, as reported by the National Law Review. The award was upheld because of the defendants particularly egregious behavior. The defendants willfully took client information from their former employer and used that information to drum up their own business. In fact, their entire first year of business consisted of clients they took from their former employer.

Thankfully their former employer had them all sign non-solicitation agreements. The court found the former employees to have breached theses agreements and to have committed separate torts for their intentional acts. If you are an employer and your employees could potentially leave and take your clients with them, make sure you have them sign non-solicitation agreements. J.Cutler Law can help you draft a non-solicitation agreement for a simple, flat fee price.