Are you no longer satisfied with your law firm?


It's no surprise to J.Cutler Law that legal buyers are looking to switch from the outdated practices of conventional law firms. As stated in this recent Forbes article, people are growing tired of the traditional law firm:  "The litany of law firm gripes is long and familiar: exorbitant cost and rates, overstaffing, budget unpredictability, IT and process deficiencies, and limited knowledge of clients' business." 

At J. Cutler Law we understand the modern customer's needs. As a result we provide legal services in a way that makes sense in today's economy. For instance, we have kicked the habit of unpredictable, hourly-billing and large, up-front retainers. Instead, we offer more valuable, flat-fee pricing and affordable, ongoing legal counsel. We even provide personalized, friendly service and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Schedule a free consultation today to discuss whether you are ready to move on from a traditional attorney.