J. Cutler law Saves You Money By Getting Rid of Commissions

The amount of work it takes a real estate agent to buy or sell a home doesn't change with the price of the home; so why does the amount you pay your real estate agent? We believe it shouldn't. That's why we offer a simple. flat price of $3,500 for all of the same services as a traditional agent, such as MLS listings, marketing, yard signs, advertising, showings, lock boxes and more!

Plus, we offer a comprehensive estate plan - for free.

Traditional Agent Commission vs. J. Cutler Law

No matter the sales price of the home, the price for J. Cutler Law's real estate service is a flat $3,500. For a home sold at $500K, the difference is over $10,000! A million dollar home? Over $25,000! Which would you choose?


As an estate planning attorney that is also a licensed real estate agent, we can offer you something that no other traditional agent can - your own comprehensive estate plan! Included in our $3,500 price is your own fully personalized will, trust, power of attorney and health care directive. Other estate planning attorneys provide these valuable estate planning documents at a cost of up to $3,000 or more. You get it for free just by choosing J. Cutler Law as your real estate agent!



When J. Cutler Law sells your home, there are no up-front fees or term contracts, only our commitment to you. Once your home is sold, the price for J. Cutler Law's services is a flat $3,500 and that includes all of your estate planning documents. It's the same price for every transaction because we believe your agent's compensation should be determined by the level of service you receive, not the sale price of your home.



There is a general misconception that when you buy a home your agent is "free" because the seller pays all the commissions. This is not true. Traditionally, 3% of the home price goes to each agent. In other words, 6% of the price you pay for your home (your mortgage payment) goes to real estate agents - not the value of your home. J. Cutler Law can help you put that money back into your home.

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